The material types of jute bag

The material of jute bags, also known as “yellow hemp bags,” can be classified into different categories based on the type of natural fibers used in their production. Some common categories include:

  1. Hemp fiber: Huangma bags made from hemp fibers are the most traditional and commonly used. Hemp fibers are strong, durable, and eco-friendly, making them ideal for heavy-duty use.
  2. Cotton: Huangma bags made from cotton fibers are softer and lighter than those made from hemp fibers. They are ideal for use in applications where a lighter weight bag is preferred.
  3. Jute: Huangma bags made from jute fibers are similar to those made from hemp fibers in terms of strength and durability. However, jute fibers are often softer and more flexible than hemp fibers, making them ideal for use in applications where a more flexible bag is needed.
  4. Other natural fibers: Huangma bags can also be made from other natural fibers, such as sisal or kenaf, depending on the desired properties and characteristics of the bag.

Overall, the material classification of Huangma bags provides a range of options for choosing the right bag for specific needs or purposes, from heavy-duty agricultural and industrial use to lighter weight fashion and decorative applications.