Custom Bag

1.Sizes & Shapes:

Available in different bag sizes including length, width and depth to suit different uses. The shape can also vary, such as regular square, horizontally long or vertically long, etc.

2.Color Options:

Available in a wide range of color options, including single colors or multi-color combinations to match your company logo or personal preference.

3.Printing and Graphics:

Customized printing services such as brand logos, advertising messages, artistic patterns or any specific text messages. This can be a simple single color print or a complex full color print.

4.Materials and textures:

Different types of nonwoven materials, such as standard nonwovens, laminated nonwovens, etc., as well as different thicknesses and textures.

5.Handle design:

The type and material of the handle, such as no handle, braided handle, nylon handle, etc., as well as the length and width of the handle.

6.Additional functions:

such as built-in compartments, zippers, Velcro, buckles, etc., increase the functionality and convenience of the bag.

7.Packaging methods:

Provide different packaging methods according to customer needs, such as bulk, individual packaging, packaging with brand information, etc.

8.Eco-friendly options:

Offer eco-friendly options such as biodegradable or recycled materials to cater to environmental trends.