The classified of non-woven bags

Non-woven bags can be classified into various categories based on their intended use. Here are some common categories:

  1. Shopping Bags: Non-woven shopping bags are commonly used as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. They are durable, reusable, and can be easily customized with branding or messaging.
  2. Promotional Bags: Non-woven bags can be used as promotional items for events, trade shows, and conferences. They can be printed with a logo or message and given away as a marketing tool.
  3. Tote Bags: Non-woven tote bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as a beach bag, gym bag, or even as a reusable grocery bag.
  4. Wine Bags: Non-woven wine bags are designed to hold one or multiple bottles of wine. They can be insulated to keep the wine at a specific temperature or designed with a handle for easy carrying.
  5. Gift Bags: Non-woven gift bags are a popular choice for packaging gifts. They can be customized with a design or message and are available in a range of sizes.
  6. Food Bags: Non-woven food bags are designed to keep food fresh and warm. They can be used to carry takeout or as a reusable lunch bag.

Overall, non-woven bags have a wide range of uses and can be customized to fit specific needs. They are durable, eco-friendly, and can be a great marketing tool for businesses.